• Gong Li justifies her being Piaget ambassador with her full support to the Swiss luxury brand.

Gong Li justifies her being Piaget ambassador with her full support to the Swiss luxury brand. (Photo : Reuters)

Chinese actress Gong Li may have been rarely seen in public outings, but for unrelated events for the Swiss jeweler and luxury watchmaker Piaget, the fans of the diva can still have a peek of their idol.

Earlier in the famous Met Gala in New York, the actress who served as a co-host sported a dazzling Piaget jewelry to pair with her Roberto Cavalli couture gown.

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Before the Met event, the Piaget ambassador commemorated the debut of the brand's signature Limelight Gala watches in Beijing.

The complete collection was inspired by a 1960s heritage piece. The watches, set with gold and diamond, feature asymmetrical designs and smooth curves, giving off a very feminine vibe.

According to Piaget China's managing director Thomas Bouillonnec, the Limelight Gala is the essence of the brand, emphasizing its femininity and ultrathin movement. The collection was first unveiled in 2013.

"This is very much in line with what Piaget is and what we want to offer to the customers. There is a daring part in the design, different from the oval or round shapes," he said, adding that "it's both a traditional and young watch."

The Limelight Gala was crafted and specifically designed for young, vibrant and independent women, marking a change for the luxury watches trend that aims to capture the male members of the market.

"Before, the market in China was much more male-focused. Now it's more balanced. The ladies today are very important. They are buying for themselves," Bouillonnec added.

Meanwhile, the Chinese luxury market has seen a recent decline because of the economic slowdown. As per Piaget's managing director in the country, the brand is experiencing a tougher time than before.

"Easy money is not there anymore compared to a few years ago in China. But it's also a super interesting moment. You have to fight to meet your customers," he remarked.