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After waiting for five years since its initial release, PlayStation fans can rejoice to know that "Super Meat Boy" is coming to the next-gen console PS4 and its remote companion device PS Vita. Developer Team Meat has already confirmed that 2015 will be the year that fans will get to see the much awaited indie

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The developer stated that thanks to new developments, it can finally release the "Super Meat Boy" on the PlayStation platforms. As an additional bonus, fans who have waited so long for the game will get it for free as a confirmed PS Plus title.

"We know this has been a long time coming but better late than never," Team Meat announced. "Expect to be playing 'Super Meat Boy' on your PlayStation 4's and PlayStation Vitas later this year."

For now, the developer did not cite a specific release date for the game, though it is slated to arrive fall this year.  Originally released in October 2010, "Super Meat Boy" was previously only available to the Xbox 360 and PC. This was due to complicated exclusivity reasons, which the Team meat, comprised of Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refenes, were able to hurdle over this year.

"Super Meat Boy" is not the only title that the duo team will be releasing this year. According to Polygon, the developer teased "Super Meat Boy Forever," also for release this year. It is a new project that follows the footsteps of its predecessor, only this time, it is an auto-runner which will see Meat Boy running through levels.

The developer revealed that it is meant to be a full game that will make use of the touchscreen controls of smart devices. What is planned for "Super Meat Boy Forever" would be a comprehensive game, complete with cutscenes and boss levels. So far, the developer announced that it will be coming to phones and tables, and also the PC, with no mention of consoles.

And for those who assumed that it will only be an endless runner games like others already available on iOS and Android, Team Meat stated that it is a game with an endless mode. This features randomly generated level compositions, new playable characters and a full story to keep players hooked and playing.

"Super Meat Boy Forever" was announced back in August last year. Back then, it had only been in development for two months, though the expected release date remains unspecified.