• Apple iPad Mini 4

Apple iPad Mini 4 (Photo : Reuters)

It is rumored that the iPad Air 3 release date will most likely be pushed until next year, to make space for the release of iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro.

Apple is known to launch its iPad models in the months of October and November. It is speculated that Apple will release iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro in October or November, according to The Christian Today.

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Apple does not seem to be in the favor of releasing three iPad devices together at once. It is reported that the manufacturing of iPad Air 3 is halted at the moment in order to focus solely on the manufacturing of iPad Mini 4 and iPad Pro

It is also reported that Apple might not do a lot of design updates for iPad Air 3. It will rather put its efforts to make iPad Air 3 just an overhauled device, according to Mac Rumors

In addition, it is also reported that Apple is thinking to reduce its annual production of tablet devices. This is because of the steep decline in the demand for Apple iPad devices in comparison with the Apple smartphones. Especially for smartphones like the iPhone 6 Plus, which sport a large screen, customers are opting for "phablets" and not iPads.

It is rumored that Apple might be thinking of putting its iPad Mini models completely off the market after the release of iPad Mini 4, making it the last miniature iPad to be released. This is because the miniature tablets from Apple are no longer popular with the consumers.

On the other hand, it is also rumored that Apple wants to solely focus on iPad Pro in the future and stop production of other iPad models.