• Nico Gerard Pinnacle watch

Nico Gerard Pinnacle watch (Photo : Youtube)

American Watchmaker Nico Gerard has launched a product line of two-faced luxury wristwatches that include an Apple Watch attached to the back of an ultra-expensive traditional gold timepiece. Users can view the smartwatch on the band of the Swiss-made mini clocks costing up to $112,000, by rotating their arm.

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The Pinnacle wristwatches will be manufactured in limited quantities. They are also available in three models.

That includes 88 units of the $112,000 Sunrise Pinnacle model, according to News. The 18-karat gold model features a red face that simulates the "excitement" of seeing a sunrise at dawn.

There are also less expensive options. They include price points of about $9,300 for the Pinnacle and Skyview Pinnacle models.

The blue model costs $9,500, and has a delivery window of eight to 10 months. Meanwhile, the gold version will be shipped out within six to eight weeks.

Nico Gerard's CEO explained the long delivery times. The movements are produced and certified in six months.

Each of the models includes a stainless steel or gold Apple Watch. It has been pre-attached.

Some key features of the new luxury watch are a date indicator and waterproof up to 100 meters. However, the Apple Watch side is probably less water-resistant.  

The Pinnacle Collection's watches have a similar design as an Original Grain product, according to 9To5 Mac. However, the latter's price tag is just $269.  

Some critics have questioned the double-sided watch's practicality. One issue is the extra weight and bulkiness. Besides that, the outside-facing watch will be exposed to surfaces that could scratch it.