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WWE SmackDown (Photo : WWE.com)

WWE SmackDown is one event before fans are treated with SummerSlam this Sunday. However, SmackDown scheduled for Aug. 13, 2015 was taped in Portland, Oregon. The complete spoilers for the upcoming event are available.

WWE SmackDown (Aug. 13, 2015) was presented Jerry Lawler, Jimmy Uso and Tom Philips. According to Bleacher Report, the WWE SmackDown spoilers point out that this week's results are focusing toward SummerSlam.

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WWE SmackDown (Aug, 13, 2015) Results

Seth Rollins started the show with a promo showing John Cena accepting the challenge on Tough Enough. However, Neville arrives to claim a shot at the title, later, Kevin Owens come as well as Cesaro.

On WWE SmackDown (Aug. 13, 2015) a tribute to Roddy Piper was presented. Later, in the event Naomi was defeated by Charlotte.

Ryback is returning to WWE Raw and his promo was revealed, but he was interrupted by Bo Dallas as he wanted a match for the IC title at SummerSlam. Ryback is angry and he gives him Meathook clothesline.

Roman Reigns defeated Luke Harper in WWE SmackDown (Aug. 13, 2015). Harper was defeated because Bray Wyatt interrupted the match.

Luke Harper and Bray Wyatt's promo for their match with Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns in SummerSlam was showcased. Meanwhile, Owens and Rollins defeated Cesaro and Neville.

Also, in a non-title tag team match, The New Day were defeated by Prime Time Players in WWE SmackDown (Aug. 13, 2015).

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