• Today Art Museum's Future Gallery offers innovative, interactive displays.

Today Art Museum's Future Gallery offers innovative, interactive displays. (Photo : english.cntv.cn)

Through the interactive experience offered by the Future Gallery of Beijing's Today Art Museum, visitors are experiencing art where imagination transcends space.

The exhibit, participated by 12 artists, is regarded as an embodiment of a line from Shakespeare's "Hamlet": "I could be bounded in a nutshell and count myself the king of infinite Space."

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Each of the artists has contributed two art pieces, a tangible one and a virtual display (via touch-screen pad).

Through the innovative art exhibit, viewers are invited to use the pads or point their mobile devices' cameras at an art work to trigger a pre-defined content. On the screen, the spectators will see a merged real and virtual image, or even a completely new art work.

The exhibition employs the RealSense 3D camera technology to integrate the tangible art pieces with the virtual ones.

"The digital demonstration allows viewers to see art pieces from all angles, and has thus created a new art form. This is the significance of the Future Gallery. All the pieces stored in the cloud can be shared easily and be checked again and again," Su Lei, the curator, remarked.

"The future is approaching. It's like we are now experiencing the darkness before the dawn. We are now experiencing fast changes, and the reform is yet to come," Su added.

The museum's Future Gallery also features online exhibits, providing 360-degree panoramic experiences.

The exhibition, which runs until Sept. 12, is a concept of director Gao Peng, architect Wang Hui and sculpture artist Sui Jianguo.

The three have envisioned to put up not just a mere installation, but a journey into whole new dimensions of artistic experience.