• Zhai Yiman is one of the women featured in the exhibit.

Zhai Yiman is one of the women featured in the exhibit. (Photo : Wikimedia)

An exhibition featuring the experiences of Chinese women during the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression entitled "Women in Flames of War" was shown at the Chinese Museum of Women and Children in Beijing on Sept. 2, the day before the Victory Day military parade.

The museum was visited by women and families who had the titles of "March 8th National Red Banner Pace-setters" and "Most Beautiful Families." They all attended the commemoration activities in the capital the next day, including the military parade to mark the 70th anniversary of China's victory in the war.

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Wang Honxin, a National March 8th National Red Banner Pace-setter, is part of the Interpol Detachment of Canzhou Public Bureau as the head of the political section. She stood and cried in front of a photo of Zhao Yiman.

"Before coming here, I once again read Zhao Yiman's last words to her son with a feeling of deep grief and depression," Wang said. "She believed that whether or not she would see the victory day herself, her troops and the Party's flag would, so she felt no regret for her death."

"This is also how the Party members feel," Wang added. "We should never forget what happened, cherish the peace we have attained and carry on the unfinished legacy of the martyrs. We are sure that the Chinese Dream will come true and we will work hard for it."

A representative of the "Most Beautiful Families," Pan Yunling is a medical director of the Fuzhou No. 1 Hospital in Fujian Province. She stood for a long time with her husband in front of the exhibition.

"I was shocked and moved by the stories of female heroes who fought against Japanese aggression, such as Zhao Yiman and Cheng Benhua," Pan said. "For the sake of national independence, they left their families, made sacrifices that ordinary people could not imagine and contributed greatly to the Chinese People's War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression."

Pan added: "We should remember what happened, cherish the memories of the martyrs, relish peace and happiness, and work hard in our ordinary positions to contribute to the country's prosperity."

Vice president and member of the Secretariat of the All-China Women's Federation Jiao Yang attended the exhibition. She greeted the representatives on behalf of the organization and posed with them for a group photo.