• F1 ex-racer Michael Schumacher

F1 ex-racer Michael Schumacher (Photo : Reuters)

According to recent reports, Michael Schumacher is undergoing speech and memory difficulties. Following a report given Phillippe Streiff, Schumacher is enduring problems with his speech and may also be going through memory loss.

Recently, Phillipe Streiff expressed more on Schumacher's health saying that the F1 racer is improving and there is a glimpse of hope.

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Streiff, who is also in a wheelchair because of a racing accident that happened in Brazil in 1989, said that Schumacher besides being paralyzed also suffers from speech and memory difficulties.

Meanwhile, the prevailing media blackout at Schumacher's home continues to impede information about his health state and recovery, Christian Today reported.  

Notwithstanding the media blackout, hearsays reveal that Schumacher is convalescing from his brain trauma in his Swiss lakeside home. About 15 medical experts continue to monitor his health every day at a cost of $154,000 weekly.

 According to Cross Map, the financial constraints have continued to push the family and it has not been an easy road considering the tormenting ordeal. As far as we know, Schumacher cannot walk or speak considering the reports given by Mika Häkkinen.

"I hope and pray that those encouraging signs are continuing still. No, he will never race again; no he may never walk again; he may never talk again, for all I know. But on the other hand, he may. Miracles sometimes occur, and I for one dearly hope that a miracle occurs for Michael sometime soon," Häkkinen said.

The F1 racing champion has been under close medical look over since his skiing accident back in 2013 but there has been very few updates since then. However, despite the new report, Schumacher's manager disclosed that the champion is improving as far as his health is concerned.