• Graphene Molecules

Graphene Molecules (Photo : Wikimedia)

The commercial application of graphene in China is expected to rise after successful breakthroughs made by Chinese research teams, according to a report by Shanghai-based China Business News.

According to sources from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Chinese government is keen on supporting industries that can help discover more ways to utilize graphene.

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Some of the plans include the establishment of an industry alliance and an innovation center, as well as the publication of guidelines on the development of such industries.

The government has already approved plans to build an industrial park for graphene and other related carbon material in Qingdao. An investment fund of 100 million yuan has already been establishment to finance future graphene projects.

Known for its exceptional strength, thermal conductivity and electric conductivity, the material called graphene is made up of a single layer of carbon atoms distinctive for its honeycomb-shaped lattice arrangement.

Commonly used in power cells, graphene is thought to be a possible cheaper alternative conductor to silver.

Shenzhen University professor Liu Jianhong and his research team have also developed a way to create graphene that will enhance its ability as an electric conductor.

His team is currently exploring the development of graphene technology, including the computerization of the production process.

Along with a joint venture with companies such as Gem Co., Liu and his team were able to focus on developing commercial uses for graphene, which ties in well with the State Council's "Made in China 2025" initiative, a plan to usher the Chinese manufacturing sector into a new era.