• Young people are starting to believe less in the core values of the CPC.

Young people are starting to believe less in the core values of the CPC. (Photo : Internet Photo)

The Communist Party, the ruling political party of the People's Republic of China, has announced some of the steps it deems necessary to maintain the independence and political impartiality in the country's courts.

In a communiqué released after a meeting in Beijing, the Central Committee of the party said that it will continue to rule the country in line with its constitution and laws.

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Four specific changes to the judicial system have been proposed. The party leadership said that legal experts must be allowed to review major policies while being made, interference of party officials in legal matters must be recorded, local officials must not have oversight of courts, and judges must have legal professional background.

According to a legal scholar from Fudan University named Xie Youping, only the record-keeping of officials' involvements in legal proceedings is a new measure, while the rest are being gradually introduced.

"It will make officials more cautious, and it is a measure to safeguard judicial independence," Xie said.

Other political experts said that the proposition will reduce abuse of law at the local level since law-violating officials will be kept from interfering with the local judiciary.

The chronic unrest in China that comes from lack of venue to seek recompense for wrongdoings done by officials will also be alleviated with the measure.

The Communist Party of China was established in 1921 and is the largest political party in the world with a membership of over 86 million.