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Famous designer brands such as Armani, Muji and Lacoste are just some of the clothing lines that flunked the quality tests done by China's watchdogs. 

Marks and Spencer and Ralph Lauren are also among the famous brands whose products failed the quality tests.

Issues with the products' fiber content and color fastness were two noted defects. Formaldehyde levels and the pH index were also off the recommended levels, according to the Shanghai Industrial and Commercial Administrative Bureau.

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Upon concluding the tests, vendors of the involved garments were given orders to withdraw the products from the market immediately.

Out of the 226 batches of clothing products, 65 did not meet the bureau's standards.

Some of the products found to have questionable quality included Ralph Lauren women's coats that were on sale at the Reel Mall; Lacoste casual wear sold at the Orient Shopping Center located on Nanjing Road; Italian Fendi men's overcoats at its Plaza 66 outlet; and Muji dresses and hats that were on sale at the Japanese retailer's Infinite Plaza outlet.

Mismatched product labels were also found on Diesel clothings. Armani Junior dresses from Westgate Mall and M&S blouses and trousers from Wanda Plaza had issues with color fastness, said the officials.

The bureau advised consumers to always read the labels and inspect the quality of the clothing products before making any purchase.