Nyle DiMarco is known for at least four things. First, he is one of the frontrunners of "America's Next Top Model." Second, he plays Garrett Banucci in "Switched at Birth." Third, he is sexually fluid. Fourth, he is deaf.

In a recent interview with MTV, DiMarco talked about being a deaf model and his daily routine. While in the "ANTM" house, DiMarco said he tells himself every day that he is "extremely fortunate" because he is not able to hear the other models and their dramas.

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DiMarco also said his average day would be having an espresso in the morning before he heads out to the gym. After the gym, he either attends meetings or does photo shoots. There are also days when she gives an inspiration presentation at a deaf school.

"I love my world quiet," the "Switched at Birth" season 4 actor and "ANTM" cycle 22contestant. However, he said the "ANTM" house was beautiful and she really loved living there despite the dramas.

According to DiMarco, the mountain view in the "ANTM" house was amazing and the mornings "could never have been better."

Apparently, DiMarco is also a lover of the nature. In June, he visited Big Island, Hawaii, where he enjoyed some "quiet" time.

With 4,028 square miles, the Big Island is the largest island in Hawaii. While it is known for several places of interest in the island, such as Akaka Falls, Umauma Falls, World Botanical Gardens, Nani Mau Gardens and Rainbow Falls State Park, the island is having problems with homelessness.

On Oct. 26, Mayor Billy Kenoi announced that there are no homeless sweeps planned on the Big Island. In a statement obtained by West Hawaii Today, he said, "We know that it will take all of us working together to address the challenge of homelessness."