• Dong Mingzhu is China's most influential businesswoman for the second consecutive year.

Dong Mingzhu is China's most influential businesswoman for the second consecutive year. (Photo : CFP)

For the second consecutive year, Gree Electric Appliances Inc. President Dong Mingzhu topped the list of Fortune magazine's list of most influential businesswomen in China.

According to Fortune, the head of the Guangdong-based home appliances manufacturer has played a key role in shifting the firm's traditional sales mode to online sales.

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Dong led Gree last year in garnering a revenue of 140 billion yuan, a record-breaking figure for the home appliances industry in the country.

Among other notable businesswomen who made it to the list include Chen Chunhua, co-chair and CEO of the agri-business company New Hope Liuhe Co. Ltd. and Wang Fengying, president of the Great Wall Motor Co. Ltd.

According to the magazine's Chinese edition, several Chinese businesswomen have been playing significant roles across the globe, leading the forefront to innovation.

Fortune China's executive editor-in-chief Zhang Maiwen said that businesswomen have more advantages when it comes to displaying and utilizing empathy.

"Their communication skills, perspective-taking ability and more flexible approach have helped them to lead companies, to tide over difficulties and find solutions," Zhang remarked.

For Li Yongning, a professor at the Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, "more women are expected to take top management positions in the future in China."

"Women executives are likely to be more competitive in the services sector," Li further said.

Completing the top seven of the list are Sun Yafang, chairwoman of Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.; Li Dang, president of China General Technology (Group) Holding Ltd.; Peng Lei, co-founder of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd.; and Liu Qing, Didi Kuaidi's founder and chairman.