• “Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” will be released in February 2016 for gaming consoles and the PC.

“Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 4” will be released in February 2016 for gaming consoles and the PC. (Photo : YouTube )

Bandai Namco Entertainment has released the playable demo version for "Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4" for the Japanese market through PlayStation Store. Furthermore, the publisher has unveiled the latest trailer displaying the climatic events of the original anime series.

Avid fans of the game can watch the English subtitle here, which shows battles and major events in the critical times of the Fourth Shinobi World War. The publisher featured scenes adapted from the original anime and some gameplay details for some characters. In addition, a new look on the gameplay revealed The Mother of All Chakra and Kaguya Otsutsuki.

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Besides the storyline and several new gameplay footages, the promo as well displayed the new game strategies that will be introduced in the upcoming release. The following include the new game mechanics:

  1. Change Leader System that allows gamers to switch between characters in the course of the combo to deal with more damage
  2. The Linked Awakening System set to unlock Awakening on all team members at the same time
  3. Costume Damage that portrays real-time combat damage to the character in the course of the battle
  4. Elemental Effects meant to boost or weakens attacks according to the environmental surroundings of the battlefield    

According to Naruto Video-Games, Bandai Namco Entertainment as well gave details on the DLC packs to feature in the upcoming game. Three DLC packs have been announced including character costumes, Combination Secret Techniques, and additional game scenarios.

Gamers who will deliver all the three pack ahead of time through the game's Season Pass, and those getting the three packs each on separate purchases as soon as they are launched, will receive an exclusive reward. Such players will reportedly get a free Combination Secret Technique free after buying the entire DLC.

"Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4" will be available for Xbox One, PS4, and PC on Feb. 4, 2016 for gamers in Japan. However, the game will be released on Feb. 5, 2016 in Europe and Feb. 9, 2016 for the rest of the world.

Watch the latest trailer below for more details.