• The White House has branded Donald Trump a "carnival barker" who is unfit to lead

The White House has branded Donald Trump a "carnival barker" who is unfit to lead (Photo : Reuters)

On Tuesday, a worldwide firestorm erupted following Donald Trump's call to ban Muslims from accessing the United States, the White House has branded him a "carnival barker" who is unfit to lead while his campaign rivals rounded on him.

The leading presidential nomination for the republican, Donald Trump, made the remarks in a series of his latest comments on a range of topics on the campaign trail.

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The remarks comes in the midst of last week's shooting that left 14 dead in California. Following these attacks, President Barack Obama in a rare primetime speech on Sunday to the nation from the Oval Office termed the attack as an act of terrorism but stressed that the San Bernardino attack is not a war between America and Islam, Tribune reported.

In less than 24 hours after Obamas' remarks, Trump's bombastic bid for the White House plumbed what critics termed as new depths and called for him to be barred from taking power after he urged for a complete shutdown of Muslims entering the US until their country's representatives figured out what was going on.

According to Yahoo News, the 69-year-old billionaire real estate mogul could not repent even as criticism came from the White House and as far as from Cairo and London. Egypt's official religious body Dar al-Iftaa denounced his comments as both racist and extremist.

The strongest critics came in the United States where Josh Earnest the White House spokesperson said Trump's proposals were unconstitutional and challenged fellow Republicans to denounce Trump.

Earnest was scorching and deeply personal while painting Trump who has never held any elected office as was referred to as a carnival barker with fake hair. He concluded that the remarks made by Donald Trump disqualifies him from serving as president and described the remarks as toxic and offensive.

Even by his populist standards, the comments were extreme to Trump and was similarly lambasted by leading Republicans and campaign rivals. Senator Lindsey Graham thundered that Trump was the ISIL man of the year. He was referring to his belief that Trump was only succeeding in fueling the radical ideology of the Islamic State group.

Before invoking Trump's campaign slogan make America great again", Graham told CNN that to win that war, one need to side with people in the faith who reject such ideologies, which are 99 percent.

"And do you know how you make America great again?" asked Graham, who is lagging badly in the nomination race.

"Tell Donald Trump to go to hell."

Contenders among them other republicans including John Kasich, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio and Jeb Bush, as well as Paul Ryan the Republican House Speaker, also swiftly rejected Trump's proposal.