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Sitting and working.
Study Finds Link between Sedentary Work and Risk of Heart Disease

Heart attack.
New Tools Help Doctors Worldwide Better Predict Risk of Cardiovascular Disease

More than half of Chinese men are smokers.
Study: Chinese with Heart Disease on the Rise Due to Obesity and Smoking

Red wine generally finds a place on the dining table during parties and other forms of celebrations, even on a regular dinnertime.
Of Mice and Men: Does New Research Indirectly Affirms Red Wine’s Reputation to Prevent Heart Disease?

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Fans and practitioners fear that other countries might push for their own variations of the martial art.
Cardiovascular Patients Could Benefit from Tai Chi

Temporary Heart Gets FDA Approval
French Startup Offers Possible Alternative To Transplants For Heart Attack Patients

A child uses an asthma inhaler.
Get Your Children's Allergies Treated Now, Reduce Heart Disease Risk

Researchers Identify New Genetic Cause Of Arrhythmia

China has one of the biggest populations of smokers in the world.
Cancer Still Considered Second Deadliest Disease in Shanghai

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