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CCTV Spring Festival Gala 2017: ‘Two-Child Policy’ Skit Draws Mixed Reactions
CCTV Removes Image of Controversial Chinese Model from ‘Long March’ Promotion Posted on Website

The Communist Party of China wants to purge corrupt officials.
CCTV Releases Documentary Exposing Corrupt Officials

 Vehicles move on the street early morning in heavy smog in front of the CCTV headquarters on Nov. 12, 2015 in Beijing, China.
HBO Enters Partnership Deal with China Movie Channel

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A man delivers lunch to workers at a construction site in Beijing, China, on Oct. 11, 2007. Scandal Puts China’s Online Food Delivery Industry Under Scrutiny

In 2015, more than 560,000 U.S. residents were reported to be homeless.
United States Establishes Double Standard on Human Rights Issues: China Central Television Documentary

Airport Operations Resume After Air France Crash
Migration to Canada Plan of High-Profile Chinese Ex-TV Presenter Sparks Debate on Patriotism

When trafficked babies are able to obtain a hukou, it becomes difficult to bring them back to their biological parents.
Doctors Arrested for Selling Forged Birth Certificates to Couples with Trafficked Children

Peter Dahlin
Even Swedish Citizens ‘Confess Sins’ on CCTV Prime Time Shows

In the few scenes that Wong Hei was in, his face was blurred.
Wong Hei Cut from Reality TV Show After Controversial Facebook Posts Criticizing the Mainland

Real-life lovers Li Jiahang and Li Sheng will star in the Chinese remake of
Coming in January: 1990s Hit Sitcom ‘Mad About You’ Gets a Remake

A screengrab of the TV documentary
Chinese-British TV Documentary Puts Confucius on the World Stage

The ID of model Sun Jingya revealed that she was really Luo Yue from Hebei Province.
Model Involved in 2013 Hainan Sex Scandal Arrested

Glass walkways have become increasingly popular in Chinese scenic tourist locations.
Panel Shatters on Canyon Glass Walkway

Since shows such as
CCTV Learns from Success of Local TV Programs

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