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Chinese author Cao Wenxuan has received the so-called Nobel Prize for children's literature.
Cao Wenxuan Named First Chinese Author to Claim Prestigious Hans Christian Andersen Prize

The third China Shanghai Children’s Book Fair, which was held last November at the Expo Exhibition Center, surprised its organizers with a huge crowd and vendor turnout.
Children's Publications in China Experience Golden Age

Parents are among the primary forces driving the demand of children’s books in bookstores nationwide.
The Ups and Downs of Children's Literature in China

It’s Brezina’s third time to visit the country; the 52-year-old Austrian author went to the country in 2003 and 2007.
Austrian Author Thomas Brezina Visits His Chinese Fans

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The Potter books arrived in China 15 years ago but still enjoy a massive fan base consisting of different age groups.
Harry Potter's Magic Still Lives on in China

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