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China-EU trade
China Tries to Court European Union Trade Partners

Sectors like mining, agriculture, and equipment repair will be, however, out of the index’s reach as “good” data from these industries can be difficult to get.
New Way of Measuring China’s Service Economy Rolled Out

In the “Made in China 2025” program, the Chinese government will give out large, low-interest loans and research subsidies.
Western Businesses Worry China’s High-Tech Industries Will Take Over

China is far from being a market economy, and more likely to be an economy riddled with hypercontrol, interventionism and currency manipulation.
The Chinese Communist Party, the Private Sector, the Economy

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Chinese women are gradually shedding their traditional roles in favor of more modern sensibilities.
Women Taking Larger Roles in Wealth Management

Last Sunday, 13 provincial-level regions in China released economic growth rates, with Chongqing Municipality leading in economic growth.
Optimistic Economic Prospects: China Poised for Further Growth

China's steel industry is now facing the problem brought about by the proliferation of so-called
'Zombie Companies' to Do a Lot of Damage to Chinese Economy, Goldman Sachs Says

China Daily Life - Economy
Chinese Consumers Now Prefer High-End Products over Mass-Produced Goods

Investors are facing financial crisis as a panic selling spread around the globe.
China not to be blamed: the reasons for crash lie very much in own home

At a time when concerns are growing about the slow pace of China’s economy, Alibaba, the county’s e-commerce giant, recorded a robust growth in quarterly earnings with an increase of 32 percent.
Alibaba records growth in revenue amidst growing concerns about China’s economy – All thanks to farmers and new generation shoppers

Investors are facing financial crisis as a panic selling spread around the globe.
Edging up of Chinese Yuan - a symbol of strengthening China’s economy

Although Chinese shares were able to recover some of the losses during the week ended Friday, the monthly drop was recorded to be the lowest in about seven years.
China shares rally to recover after the biggest monthly drop in seven years

Going by the words of Daniel Ammann, President of General Motors, it is understood that the economy of China is better than what the world thinks.
GM President: China’s Economy Better Than What The World Thinks!

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