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The Tea Drunk harvests tea from mountains in China.
Chinese Tea Culture Flourishes in New York City

Throughout the year, Chinese tourists were put on the spotlight for their ill behavior in various tourist spots across the country as well as abroad.
Chinese Tourists' Bad Behavior Exposed Over Week-long Holiday

Since 1991, Liu Yukin's
Guilin's English Corner Remains Popular Among Chinese Students and Foreigners

Those who participate in marathon events are usually wealthy individuals.
Marathon Races: Expensive Middle-class Fad?

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Colin Mackerras accepts his Special Book Award.
Sinologist Colin Mackerras Wins Special Book Award, Talks About Objective Perspectives of China

It’s Brezina’s third time to visit the country; the 52-year-old Austrian author went to the country in 2003 and 2007.
Austrian Author Thomas Brezina Visits His Chinese Fans

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