Sunday, 18th, 2019 | 5:23PM Updated

Smog shrouds Beijing
Beijing Researchers Studying Dangers of Smog, Its Links to Lung Cancer

Smog shrouds Beijing
Chinese Make Do-It-Yourself Purifiers to Survive During Heavy Smog

Zhengzhou suffers from heavy smog
China’s Pollution Problem Worsening, No Immediate Change in Sight

Beijing is enveloped in smog.
Beijing Forms Environmental Police Force to Get Rid of Smog, Coal Plant to Be Shut Down

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China's regions suffer from severe air pollution at the beginning of 2017.
Smog Turns All-White Bullet Trains Brown; Expressways, Airports Closed

China suffered from more smog-filled days in 2016.
Beijing Has Fewer Clear Days in 2016; Air Pollution Getting Worse

Beijing welcomes the new year enveloped in smog.
Beijing Smog Becomes Worse--Even Critical--and Reaches Adjacent Shanghai

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