Tuesday, 25th, 2018 | 7:11PM Updated

The Chinese government steps up its effort in combatting tobacco usage and raises the commodity's tax to 11 percent.
Tobacco Sales Plunge as China Imposes Higher Tax, Tighter Anti-smoking Ban

Bright red banners have been posted around Beijing to promote the anti-smoking campaign.
Beijing Wants More Anti-Smoking Advocates, to Toughen Up Smoking Ban Laws

A chain of Haidilao Hot Pot restaurant in Chaoyang district was one of the establishments in Beijing to receive a violation notice after the city enforces the country's
Beijing Enforces Smoking Ban Policy; Famous Restaurant Receives Violation Notice

smoker in China
Beijing Indoor Smoking Ban Is China's Toughest, Faces Enforcement Concerns

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Students pose for pictures with ''big cigarette models'' for a campaign.
Public Don't Think Smoking Ban Will Work

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