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An underwater drone similar to the one seized by China from a US Navy ship.
China Defies Trump, Returns Seized Drone to US

Experts say that China needs to be careful of incoming U.S. President Donald Trump's unpredictable policies.
China Should Watch Out for Unpredictable Trump, Experts Say

Incoming U.S. President Donald Trump has once again drawn the ire of China.
China Warns Donald Trump Should Be Careful with What He Says

New U.S. President Donald Trump could inadvertently start a trade war with China with his policies.
Trump's 'Currency Manipulator' Attacks on China Could Trigger Trade War

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Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi
China Ready to Improve Relations with US: Foreign Minister

Leaders around the world increase cooperation with China.
US and China Trade Relations Continue Amid Dissent

More tensions arise between the U.S. and China.
China Refuses Part in Any Cold War or Hollywood-like Scenario, Slams US Defense Secretary Ash Carter's Remarks

Vietnam celebrates Obama's historic visit.
Obama's Trip to Vietnam Should Maintain Peace: Analysts

U.S. fighter jets stand by at the upper deck of a USS George Washington aircraft carrier while a U.S. Cowpens ship passes by the South China Sea, Sept. 3, 2010.
US-China Rift: China Intercepts American Spy Plane; US Fires Back, Calling Act 'Unsafe'

China and the United States lead the involved nations in signing the landmark climate deal.
China Responds to US Human Rights Report: 'Hold Up a Mirror'

Liu Xiaobo is currently imprisoned in China for advocating democracy.
US Bill to Rename Street After Chinese Dissident Angers China

President Xi Jinping attributes advanced relations with the United States to similar opinions as well as “timely communication” on current events like the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue.
China, US Strengthen Action to Resolve Key Issues

China remains intact in its intent to protect maritime territory in the South China Sea.
China to US: Stop Naval Threat

Trade ministers of 12 nations from the Pacific Rim region meet at the recent Trans-Pacific Partnership meeting to negotiate a deal.
Trans-Pacific Partnership Could Taint China-U.S. Ties, Damage International Markets: Duowei

President Xi has entrusted his Vice Premiers to deliver a diplomatic message for President Obama.
President Xi Calls on President Obama to Maintain Firm China-U.S. Relations

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