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During solar eclipses, the Sun’s corona can be fairly visible.
Solar Eclipse Piques Interest of Team of Chinese Telescope Enthusiasts

Paracel Island
Underwater Observation System to be Built to Promote South China Sea Tourism

Ren Xinmin
Ren Xinmin, Chinese Space Pioneer, Dies at 102

The new catfish species Oreoglanis hponkanensis discovered in Myanmar.
Chinese Scientists Discover a New Species of Catfish in Myanmar

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Chinese researchers released a groundbreaking study on adaptive convergence on giant and red pandas.
Chinese Scientists Uncover Adaptive Convergence Mystery on Giant, Red Pandas

ictured here is a similar facility named the LINAC-based Coherent Light Source (LCLS) of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC).
Chinese Scientists Score Breakthrough with World’s Brightest FEL Light Source Facility

Locations of TWAS General Meetings.
First Report on Biotechnology Developments in Developing Countries shows China in the Lead

The braiding of Majorana zero modes is depicted here.
Chinese Scientists Discover Particles Similar to Majorana Fermions

China aims to further its status as a leader in airship research and development.
Chinese Scientists Developing Multipurpose Airships

Chinese scientists are reaching a breakthrough in shape-shifting metals.
Scientists in China Closer to Developing Shape-shifting Metal

U of T Scarborough Professor Herbert Kronzucker has helped identify superstar varieties of rice that can reduce fertilizer loss and cut down on environmental pollution in the process.
New Study with Chinese Scientists Identifies Rice Crops that can Save Farmers Money and Cut Pollution

Thomson Reuters is one of the world's premier data and information services provider.
Chinese Scientists Slam Thomson Reuters for Selling Journal Rating System

The Water Cycle Observation Mission is expected to help in forecasting hydrological events such as drought.
By 2020: China Eyes to Launch Water Cycle Observation Mission

Chinese are perceived by Westerners as humble people.
Chinese, East Asian People's Humility May Mask True Feelings: Research

China is set to break another record as it is scheduled to launch the world's first quantum satellite next month.
China Set to Launch World's First 'Hack-proof' Quantum Satellite in August

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