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China's Ministry of Agriculture says there is no need to put up exclusive zones for growing non-GMO soybeans.
China's Agriculture Ministry Says No to Exclusive Zones for Non-GMO Soybeans

A Chinese farmer works at a hybrid rice field on June 20, 2006, in Changsha City, Hunan Province of China.
Chinese Scientists Push for Wider GMO Use Amid Protests

Chinese chemical company ChemChina allayed fears that its recent purchase of Syngenta will cause the introduction of hybrid corn and other genetically modified crops.
ChemChina Says Syngenta Deal Will Have 'Positive Impact' Amid GMO Concerns

GMO chickens
GMO Chickens Could Block Bird Influenza, Prevent Outbreaks: Study

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A sign supporting non-GMO products in the U.S.
GMO Crops Will Be a Strong Resource for a Nation with 22 Percent of the World's Population

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