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China continues to expand the reach of its railway system.
China to Build 30,000 Kilometers More of Train Tracks by 2025

There are currently 6,284 passenger train services running in the country, 60 percent of which are high-speed.
More Passenger Train Services Planned for 2016

Reliable mass transport system is cited by experts as important in facing the issue of rapid urbanization.
China Discusses Railway Projects with 30 Countries

The construction of a new high-speed railway is forcing many families to relocate.
Guangxi Locals Dissatisfied with Relocation Scheme to Make Way for New Railway

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A train runs on the Hefei-Fuzhou high-speed rail.
China's High-Speed Rail Becoming Popular with Tourists

China's modern rail system makes the Chinese Lunar Year homecoming a delightful experience rather than ordeal.
High-speed Rail Networks Mark National Achievement

Construction of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei rail lines is set to commence by the end of 2015.
China Railway Corp. Latest Victim of Falling Global Oil Prices

China and Thailand are looking forward to improved trade and tourism.
Bangkok-Beijing Relationship Blossoms with $12-Billion Rail Link

Logo of China Telecom Corporation Ltd.
China Telecom to Join Challenge of Carlos Slim’s Dominance in Mexico

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