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Illustration of the interior of Saturn's moon Enceladus showing a global liquid water ocean between its rocky core and icy crust.
Saturn's Moon Enceladus Has Underground Ocean Covering Entire Moon

A view of Saturn's moon Dione captured by NASA's Cassini spacecraft during a close flyby on June 16, 2015. The diagonal line near upper left is the rings of Saturn, in the distance.
Cassini's Last Closest Flyby: Saturn's Mysterious Moon Dione

Unusual arc-shaped, reddish streaks cut across the surface of Saturn's ice-rich moon Tethys in this enhanced-color mosaic. The red streaks are among the most unusual color features on Saturn's moons to be revealed by Cassini's cameras.
Mysterious Red Streaks Found on Icy Saturn Moon Tethys

Cassini's view of Saturn' cratered moon Dione taken last Tuesday, June 16.
[PHOTO] Saturn's Moon Dione: Craggy Yet Beautiful Courtesy of Cassini

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This near-infrared, color mosaic from NASA's Cassini spacecraft shows the sun glinting off of Titan's north polar seas.
Saturn's Moon Titan Also Has Polar Winds Like Earth

Saturn's north polar vortex is produced by smaller thunderstorms.
Mysterious Earth Sized Cyclones on Saturn Explained by Scientists

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