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President Obama awards Presidential Medal to Bill Gates and Melinda Gates
Bill Gates recommends to tax worker robots for workforce job losses

China's investment in artificial intelligence (AI) takes a step forward with Sinovation Ventures's move to name new officials.
Chinese Investment in AI Startups Accelerates as Sinovation Ventures Names New Experts

Robot Wars
British Production Company Plans to Bring ‘Robot Wars’ TV Show to China

China's entertainment robots are gaining ground, but robots used in the medical field are just catching up.
Robotics Upgrade Seen as Crucial Key in China's Plan to Beat Rivals

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Visitors talk to Jiajia, a humanoid robot developed and created by scientists from the University of Science and Technology of China, during the World Economic Forum in June.
More Robots to Be Produced in Tianjin by 2020

Chinese scientists are reaching a breakthrough in shape-shifting metals.
Scientists in China Closer to Developing Shape-shifting Metal

Chinese factories turn to automation to solve workforce crisis.
China's Dwindling Working Age Population Causes Surge in Automation

Alibaba And Foxconn Reach Agreement To Invest SoftBank Corp
Robots Replace 60,000 People in Foxconn China

Visitors watch a Kuka robot perform precise movements at a technology trade fair on March 16, 2015 in Hanover, Germany.
China’s Midea Bids $5 Billion for German Robot Maker Kuka

China Security Association Official Suggests Less than 100,000 Yuan Tag Price for AnBot

China's First Ultra Realistic Robot Revealed In Hefei
Robot to Take College Entrance Exam in 2017

China wants to triple the number of industrial robots being manufactured yearly.
China Wants More Industrial Robots by 2020

China's first interactive robot Jia Jia, dubbed as
Chinese inventors' unveils Jia Jia, China's first interactive human-like 'robot goddess'

‘Iron Man’ Automated Servant Is Mark Zuckerberg’s Peg For Home AI He Plans To Build In 2016

Humanoid robots are displayed at the 17th China International Industry Fair.
'Made in China 2025' Featured at the 17th China International Industry Fair in Shanghai

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