Tuesday, 11th, 2018 | 3:32AM Updated

Apple has lost a legal grapple with a local leather company over the iPhone trademark.
Apple Set to Bring iPhone Trademark Case to China's Highest Court

Officials found guilty of graft involving 3 million yuan could face death penalty under the new judicial guidelines.
China Sets New Judicial Guidelines for Death Penalty for Corrupt Officials

Last year, 241,000 administrative cases were heard by courts all over the country, a 60-percent year-on-year increase.
Courts Seek to Smoothen Process for Filing Suits Against Gov't

Supreme People's Court
Chinese Government Promises More Protection for Judges after Beijing Justice Shot Dead

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In Chinese courts, “death sentence with reprieve” means that if the convicted person commits no crime for two years, it is commuted to life imprisonment.
Man Acquitted, Released After 21 Years in Prison After Reexamination of Homicide, Arson Case

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