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Officials found guilty of graft involving 3 million yuan could face death penalty under the new judicial guidelines.
China Sets New Judicial Guidelines for Death Penalty for Corrupt Officials

In Chinese courts, “death sentence with reprieve” means that if the convicted person commits no crime for two years, it is commuted to life imprisonment.
Man Acquitted, Released After 21 Years in Prison After Reexamination of Homicide, Arson Case

An armed police officer stands guard at Qianmen in Beijing on May 12, 2014.
'Foxhunt' Leads to 91 Suspects Repatriated to China in the Past Year

Windows of the soul: Only the eyes and some skin are made visible by the burqa, also called paranja or chadri, worn by these women.
New Offenses: Criminal Law Now Forbids Extremist Garments

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Judges cited lack of hard evidence as the reason domestic abuse divorces are difficult to rule on.
Prosecutors Liable for Malpractice Under New Rules

Last year, from September to August, prosecutors focused their efforts on expediting the progress of 1,800 cases that have laid dormant for years due to lack of evidence.
Chinese Judiciary to Deliver Judgment on Cases with Strong Evidence

Wang Yu was among a group of lawyers arrested on July 11 over public disturbance charges.
New Rule Passed to Protect Lawyers in China

Local officials are experiencing great pressure from the public ever since the explosions occurred.
Tianjin Officials Pressured Due to Public Doubt Over Explosion Details

China's newly developed psychological system is set to evaluate juvenile offenders' social backgrounds to know the reason why they are committing crimes.
Juvenile Law Breakers Face China's Newly Developed Psychological Profile System

Police in Yibin have captured four suspects for kidnapping a man and forcing him to kill a woman.
Chinese Lawyers Ask for More Autonomy Amid Judicial Reform Initiatives

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