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USS Gerald R. Ford being towed.
Ambitious US Navy Expansion will Take 30 years to Complete

Four F-35B Lightning II aircraft perform a flyover above the amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA 6).
US Navy Might Build New Light Aircraft Carriers for F-35 Stealth Fighters

Construction of the CNS Shandong as of October 2016.
China will Build Six Aircraft Carriers to Ensure Control of Asian Seas

USS Carl Vinson.
USS Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group now Patrolling South China Sea

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USS Gerald R. Ford being towed.
USS Gerald R. Ford, the World's Most Advanced Aircraft Carrier, to Finally Start Sea Trials

USS Laboon.
Two More US Navy Destroyers to Patrol Red Sea; Risks Run-ins with Iranians

Fast patrol craft of the Revolutionary Guards Navy.
US Navy and Three Western Navies Hold Naval Exercise off Iranian Coast

A U.S. Navy electromagnetic railgun propels a test round towards a target.
Nerds Report on Future Weapons Development Progress to US Navy Brass

U.S. Navy carrier group.
US Navy’s New Sea Control Strategy a Manifestation of its Cold War Mentality and Hegemonism

USS Gerald R. Ford cutaway view.
Construction of USS Gerald R. Ford Supercarrier 99% Complete

What Sea Hunter does
US Navy ‘Sea Hunter’ Autonomous Warship to Test Anti-submarine Torpedoes

Jiang Wen.
US Navy Superiority the Main Reason for Success of Hollywood Films in China, claims Star Wars Star Jiang Wen

USS Zumwalt docks at Naval Station San  Diego.
US Navy Develops New Strategy for Surface Warfare against China and Russia

Columbia-class submarine (artist's concept).
US Navy Officially Begins Production of New ‘Columbia-class’ Nuclear Ballistic Missile Submarine

Liaoning and her escorts.
China Will Only Fight a War against the US within Missile Reach of the Chinese Mainland

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