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An AI robot is selling souvenir goods in a tourist shop. Besides introducing the information of goods, she can also interact and respond with voice appropriately with customers.
Unisound Provides Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Smart Voice Technology for Appliances, Healthcare

The intelligent voice technology is receiving the spotlight in various fields such as healthcare, education, smart homes and intelligent driving. Unisound, a voice recognition and processing technology provider based in Beijing, is one of the players that are pioneering the application of artificial intelligence through voice.

‘Horizon: Zero Dawn’ Tips, Tricks: Skills players need to unlock right away

In “Horizon: Zero Dawn,” players will see so many skills to unlock, which will make it more confusing for them to choose. It is important that they choose the right skills to unlock to have an efficient gameplay throughout. Here are the skills they should focus on first before anything else.

‘Hitman’ Elusive Targets 21 The Surgeons now available

“Hitman” Elusive Targets 21 The Surgeons contract is now available and the targets are ready to be assassinated. Players will get a specific reward for successfully accomplishing the mission.

Savage girl video can put you in jail by doing this!

Remember Savage Girl Liezyl Margallo, the 23-year-old woman from the Philippines that fell in the hand of authorities last month?

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Online-to-Offline Mobile Payment
China’s Fintech, VR/AR Fields to Become Key Growth Areas for Chinese Internet Sector: JP Morgan

The country’s financial tech (fintech) and virtual/augmented reality (VR/AR) fields will become two major growth areas for China’s Internet sector, although it will continue to be dominated by tech giants such as Alibaba, Tencent and Baidu, according Alex Yao, JP Morgan’s head of Internet and new media equity research in Asia Pacific.

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NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti release at GDC 2017

NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti release is reportedly happening at the upcoming Game Developers’ Conference (GDC) 2017.

Chinese officers from the 24th Chinese navy are seen onboard a Harbin destroyer, which arrived as part of the Chinese fleet at Shuwaikh Port in Kuwait City.
New Chinese Trimaran Warship Debuts at Dubai IDEX Defense Exposition

A new triple-hulled Chinese warship design debuted at the Dubai IDEX defense exposition, where arms makers from around the world show off their latest wares.

Release Ceremony for World Leading Internet Scientific and Technological Achievements as part of the 3rd World Internet Conference.
Yushuk: China's Supercomputers Are Powerful Tools for Predicting the Future

Chinese scientists announced a schedule in building Tiahne-3, a new-generation supercomputer that is said to be 100 times faster than the Sunway TaihuLight. According to Evgeniy Yushuk, a professor at Russia's Ural State University of Economics, exascale supercomputers like China’s planned Tianhe-3 are powerful tools for predicting the future.

Samsung Galaxy S8 LEAKS & NEW FEATURES
Samsung Galaxy Note 8 release at MWC 2017 as resurrected Note 7?

Recent Samsung Galaxy S8 update brings the most exciting news for its fans and enthusiasts. Reports indicate that not only will the launch soon, but will also reveal massive upgrade in design and features.

'Mass Effect Andromeda' is a space adventure role playing game from Bioware's popular 'Mass Effect' gaming franchise.
'Mass Effect: Andromeda' longer than 'Mass Effect 3'

The upcoming "Mass Effect Andromeda" game has the potential to be longer than "Mass Effect 3," but could still be beginner friendly.

Google is offering up to 1TB of free Google Drive storage space for Local Guides contributors.
New Search update lets Android users find and access Google Drive files and folders

A new development from Google now allows Android users to use the Google search app to look for their Google Drive files. With this Search update, Android users can find all the files saved in their Google Drive straight from the app.

Vive 2 and next gen VR HMD for 2017
HTC Vive 2 release at MWC 2017 with wireless feature

Recent rumors indicate that HTC Vive 2 release date is just round the corner. Although the name, HTC Vive 2, remains unconfirmed, the fans and industry experts are already touting it as the next gen HTC Vive that debuted last year.

The promotional ad is suggesting that a new chipset from Samsung is about to be revealed.
Samsung Galaxy S8's chipset revealed; Phone specs leaked

The Exynos 9 SoC is expected to power both renders of Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+.

A man walks past a sign for Baidu Inc. at the entrance to the Baidu Technology Park in Beijing, China.
China Funds Baidu's Deep Learning Lab to Accelerate Country's Own Contributions on Artificial Intelligence

China's government is now accelerating the country's contributions to artificial intelligence to beat U.S.-based companies that are dominating the field. According to a post on Baidu's Chinese WeChat Account, China’s National Development and Reform Commission will fund the company to develop a national deep-learning research lab.

An artist render of the iPhone 8 as it sports a bezel-less design.
iPhone 8 price higher as 16GB, 32GB variants will not be available?

Apple may ditch the 16 GB and 32 GB options for its upcoming iPhone 8, continuing the trend set by the iPhone 7. The device's predecessor also tossed out the 16 GB option when it was released, making the 32 GB its smallest capacity.

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