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The Chinese smartphone maker Gionee may be ready to unveil the awaited Gionee S10 soon.
Gionee S10 specs, release date: S10 images leaked; Handset will come in two variants - Gionee S10B, Gionee S10C

It was in November 2016 when one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in China, Gionee, released its Gionee S9. Now, recent reports claim that the Chinese manufacturer may be ready to unveil the awaited Gionee S10 soon.

An attendee listens to information about 5G, aka 5th generation mobile networks, at the Qualcomm booth during CES 2017.
Qualcomm, Apple dispute may be a strategy after all

Apple remains firm with it stand that Qualcomm charges “unfair” prices for their patents used in Apple’s iPhone handsets.

MWC 2017 Brings Back Nokia 3310 Packed with Long Battery Life, Color Display and Snake at $52
Nokia’s comeback may potentially jeopardize Chinese smartphone brands

One of the most trusted brand in the telecommunications industry - Nokia - is coming back to give an "old brand" a new touch

China's Lunar Palace 1
China Starts Training Volunteers in Simulated Space Lunar Cabin

China has started training eight volunteers to become the country’s first lunar explorers by sending them to live in “Yuegong-1,” a simulated space cabin, the Xinhua News Agency reported.

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Alibaba's European Partners
Alibaba Dominates Online World with $485 Billion Worth of Merchandise Sold Last Year

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group continues with its expansion, becoming popular in Europe during its Singles' Day shopping festival last year, according to an article by

After the recent release of HTC U Ultra alongside the HTC U Play on Jan. 12 in Taiwan, the tech giant is preparing to release its HTC U 11 flagship device.
HTC U 11 specs leaks days before official release date; Delayed release caused by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor?

HTC U marked May 16 as the official release date of its next smartphone flagship – HTC U 11.

Samsung's Galaxy A3 (2017) model might finally receive its OS upgrade to Android Nougat soon after the smartphone has been spotted on a benchmarking website.
Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) spotted on GFXBench with Android 7.0 Nougat firmware

Samsung’s Galaxy A3 (2017) model might finally receive its OS upgrade to Android Nougat soon after the smartphone has been spotted on a benchmarking website.

Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017)
Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) running in Android Nougat rolls out in Russia, expected for global release soon

Samsung is constantly pushing Google’s new Android Nougat firmware on its devices with the company’s latest flagship models under the Galaxy S series being treated with the OS update.

Chinese President Xi Jinping presides over a symposium on cyberspace security and informatization.
Trade Groups Worldwide Call on China to Delay Implementation of New Cybersecurity Law

Several trade groups that are representing companies from Asia, Europe and the United States are calling on China to delay its cybersecurity law that will be effective on June 1. In their opinion, this cybersecurity law may discriminate against foreign businesses.

During solar eclipses, the Sun’s corona can be fairly visible.
Solar Eclipse Piques Interest of Team of Chinese Telescope Enthusiasts

The town of Lincoln City, Oregon, will witness a unique spectacle on Aug. 21, when a solar eclipse takes place, according to a report by Astronomy Magazine.

Genetic engineering
New Solution to Pest Resistance to GM Cotton Discovered by Chinese, US Scientists

A group of researchers from China and the United States has made a breakthrough in the issue of pest resistance to genetically modified crops, according to a report by Xinhua.

Asteroid Lutetia
Chinese Scientists Explore the Possibility of Mining Asteroids

Chinese scientists gathered at a forum on Monday, May 8, to discuss asteroid exploration and explore the possibility of harvesting resources and establishing bases in minor planets, China Daily reported.

Ancom and ManagePay are teaming up to promote Malaysian tourism to Chinese travelers.
Ancom, ManagePay to Use E-Payment Service in Promoting Malaysia to Chinese Tourists

Ancom and ManagePay have recently inked a term sheet that outlines the parties' plan to set up a joint venture firm. The project will use e-payment services in promoting Malaysia to Chinese tourists.

Tencent is poised to outrank Amazon in developing artificial intelligence technology.
Tencent to Knock Out Rival Amazon with Artificial Intelligence Lab in Seattle

Tencent makes a giant leap to develop artificial intelligence by constructing a laboratory in Seattle led by former Microsoft scientist Yu Dong.

Tencent strengthens its share in the gaming industry with a recent deal with leading Chinese gaming firm Seasun.
Tencent Invests $142 Million in Seasun to Acquire 9.9% Stake

Tencent has poured in around $142 million to acquire a 9.9 percent stake in Chinese leading gaming firm, Seasun. The said stake is tantamount to over 90 million Seasun shares.

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