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Tencent is teaming up with to help the firm develop its used-goods trade platform, Zhuanzhuan.
Tencent Invests $200M in's Used-Goods Trade Platform Zhuanzhuan

Chinese Internet powerhouse Tencent has invested in's used-goods trade platform Zhuanzhuan. The deal was worth $200 million.

Coding can help children learn how to think out of the box, making them innovators and effective problem-solvers.
Chinese-Israeli Education Startup Teaches Kids to Code

LeapLearner, a Chinese-Israeli education startup, is well on its way to make a difference in children’s lives by teaching them how to code, CNBC reported.

China's Two Internet Giants
Alibaba and Tencent, Not Amazon, Likely to Become World’s Largest E-Commerce Providers: Report

With the arrival of Amazon in Australia, it is understandable for retailers, distributors, shopping center owners and logistics companies to be concerned. But when it comes to global e-commerce, they have to consider the financial power and growth potential of Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Jun makes a speech during the launch event of Mi 6 smartphone at Beijing University of Technology on April 19, 2017 in Beijing, China.
Xiaomi's Newly Launched Mi 6 Tagged as Cheaper Version of iPhone

Xiaomi Inc. has unveiled its flagship phone, the Mi 6, as the company tries to turn the tables after seeing sales fall last year.

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Baidu Driverless Cars
Baidu’s Self-Driving Car To Be Tested in Simple Urban Environment in July

Chinese tech giant Baidu has announced on Tuesday, April 18, plans to launch its self-driving car in a restricted environment in July, in preparation for the gradual introduction of its full autonomous driving capabilities on highways and open city roads by 2020, Reuters reported.

Samsung's Galaxy A3 (2017) model might finally receive its OS upgrade to Android Nougat soon after the smartphone has been spotted on a benchmarking website.
Samsung Subsidiary Teams Up with Baidu to Develop In-Car AI

Chinese Internet provider Baidu has announced its partnership with Samsung's automotive tech subsidiary to develop cloud-based AI, expanding the South Korean giant's reach among automakers through Baidu's leading role in China's AI software sector.

Alipay Payment Service
Alibaba's Ant Financial Acquires helloPay to Boost Brand Presence in SE Asia

Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group continues with its brand expansion in Southeast Asia as Ant Financial, Alibaba’s payment affiliate, acquired helloPay Group, a Singapore-based payment service, Reuters reported.

YouTube icon
YouTube will require 10,000 views before creators can earn from pre-roll ads

Unfortunately for still-emerging personalities, YouTube has changed the rules for allowing advertisements on pages.

Alipay Payment
Alipay ePass Payment Program: What Foreign Brands Need to Know to Sell Their Products to Chinese Consumers

Alibaba’s Alipay ePass program is helping Chinese consumers buy products by foreign merchants as well as international brands to expand their businesses using the program. Retail Store to Shift into Offline Retail, More Than 1 Million Retail Stores Planned

As part of its shift into offline retail, is set to open more than 1 million convenience stores across the country in the next five years, nearly half of them to be located in the rural areas, China Daily reported.

Verizon Logo
Verizon seeks to improve its services by restructuring its organization?

A new organizational structure by Verizon is to be created in order to improve their delivery service. This investment by Verizon will be responsible for the operation of its new technologies such as 4G LTE, 5G and fiber infrastructure.

China's Manned Deep-sea Research Submersible Jiaolong
China’s New Manned Submersible to Dive 4,500 Meters Deep

China's new manned submersible will carry out research on earth's seabeds as deep as 4,500 meters under the sea.

China’s Internet Regulation to Ensure Security
China's Draft Cyber Law Requires Annual Security Assessment for Data-Exporting Firms

China has made new efforts to tighten the security of its cyberspace. A draft law released on Tuesday mandates data-exporting firms to undergo annual security assessment.

More and more firms and investors are eyeing to get a hold of China's $8 billion logistics industry.
Alibaba-Backed Best Logistics IPO Could Be This Year's Biggest from a Chinese Firm in US Listings

Best Logistics was reported to have a target of $1 billion initial public offering. This could potentially be the biggest IPO from a Chinese firm in the U.S. listings for this year.

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