• "GTA V" is a video game developed by multinational video game developer and publisher Rockstar Games.

"GTA V" is a video game developed by multinational video game developer and publisher Rockstar Games. (Photo : YouTube/Rockstar Games)

GTA V players will be treated to a new GTA Online update with the new Cunning Stunts DLC plus Rockstar's Independence Day sale is still ongoing until the release date of the new expansion.

The good thing about Rockstar is that they keep on rolling out sales and GTA Online DLCs for their GTA V game that has been out for several years now. There are still many game modes and surprises waiting in store for Grand Theft Auto V players.

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Players can still log in and try to make the most of the GTA V Independence Day sale as they wait for the Cunning Stunts DLC which will be rolled out on July 12 for a new GTA Online experience, The Inquisitr reported. The discounted items are still available until the sale's last day.

Some of the items on sale include the Dewbauchee Seven-70 truck and the Firework Rocket Launcher which allows players to light their enemies on fire with colorful flames. The last day for the GTA V Online Independence Day sale is on July 11.

GTA Online players will finally be able to experience the GTA V Cunning Stunts DLC on July 12, Express.co.uk reported. The DLC contains massive updates that will allow players to race each other on gigantic loops and ramps above Los Santos city.

The new update proves that Grand Theft Auto V is not just about gun violence but also with cars and vehicles. All of the race tracks and tubes will contain obstacles that players must successfully navigate through or end up blowing up their cars and themselves.

GTA V Online players will be able to compete with their friends in doing the best gravity defying stunts through the ramps and loops. It would also be a great chance for YouTubers to show off their mad driving skills through the Grand Theft Auto V Cunning Stunts DLC.

Rockstar will be rolling out the GTA V Online Cunning Stunts DLC on July 12 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One. Players will have to update their Grand Theft Auto V clients in order to receive the expansion pack along with the new supercars and other vehicles.