• 'GTA 6' Grand Thef Auto: Tokyo a logo projected online.

'GTA 6' Grand Thef Auto: Tokyo a logo projected online. (Photo : YouTube /Makiman131 )

"GTA 6" is one of the highly sought installments by gamers since game developer Rockstar released "Grand Theft Auto V" a few years back.  Since then "GTA 6" release date confirmation has been widely anticipated by avid fans, including a potential outside U.S. map.

According to the latest "GTA 6" news and rumors, the awaited action-adventure game would likely be released on 2018 or 2020 with a potential outside U.S. map. While Neurogadget cited such release date, other sites also hinged the idea of a possible outside U.S. brand-new map accompanying the said "Grand Theft Auto" sequel release. And with such projection, previous "Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo" speculation has once again resurfaced.

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It can be remembered that a few years back, Rockstar was accordingly interested in creating a "Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo." And such interest even prompted developers to carry out a reference trip to other distant country for the said game insstallment according to Techradar.

Based on the report, "GTA 6" developer visited Japanese capital some years ago in order to assess potential "GTA" game. This known interest was even more emphasized when accordingly Rockstar filed trademarks for "GTA: Tokyo," shared by TechRadar's insider.

Though the idea of "GTA 6: Tokyo" is quite interesting, it never flourished and was not even conclusively denied nor confirmed by gaming authorities, making its way to oblivion. However, now that the year is about to end, there might be some potential update to the said outside U.S. "Grand Theft Auto" map. For recent reports points out to a similar idea and an additional female lead character to accompany "GTA 6" projected in 2020.

And if such idea that "GTA 6" will be running on a new foreign map, then the "Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo" map concept might be true after all. But still, it is too early to be excited regarding the potential significant leap off the game. These possible oriental map setting might be exciting, but it still lacks sufficient evidence to support it. All we have right now is a report coming from an anonymous insider.

However, despite the uncertainty of the map and new lead characters, the arrival of the game soon seemed to be almost certain. If you will be looking back to the previous statement made by Rockstar President Leslie Benzies, there is no denying that "GTA 6" is already under development.  "We don't know what GTA 6 will be, but we've got some ideas," GTA6Daily quoted Benzies as saying. Guess would just have to wait for conclusive advisory from respective authorities regarding the surfacing rumors and speculations online.

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