• A "The Division" playable character seeks for food after their helicopter crashes in the desolate New York City.

A "The Division" playable character seeks for food after their helicopter crashes in the desolate New York City. (Photo : YouTube/Ubisoft US)

Ubisoft has announced the important details of "The Division" Survival downloadable content. The Beta version of the DLC will be available on Uplay, but not on Steam for now.

Recently, Ubisoft showed off the Survival DLC gameplay during a Twitch live broadcast, and they have finally answered some of the questions most players were wondering about. According to the official website of Reddit, Survival Game mode has 24 players in a Session and they are all trying to survive it.

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This new mode will take place on the same New York City map just like in the main "The Division" game. The goal of this mode is to journey towards the center of the Manhattan to find some special items. The match will begin with players getting dropped into the area in a helicopter, but it crashes and they are scattered around the map.

Players will need to find better gear when the journey towards the center of the map. They will be able to experience the action when they get to the snowy part of the main map. Everyone will start with their low-level gear items, which are colored green, and one pistol.

For players to survive, they will need to fight off the elements, find food, and maintain their own health to survive. They can find equipment that can keep them warm in their journey like scarves and coats, which have a cold rating and will have different degrees of warmth.

It was revealed that "The Division's" Survival DLC will be available for PC players who own the Season Pass, and they will have to be in the testing phase. Those who do not have the Season Pass can only test out the free update 1.5, but it will not have the Survival game mode. The test started on Nov. 7 and will only last for a few days.

According to the official forums of Ubisoft, the Global 1.5 patch is still in the development stage and the current Patch Notes are not final. It will be updated in the near future with the PTS modifications.

Check out "The Division" Survival DLC expansion teaser trailer video below: