• "Dishonored 2" main protagonists Corvo and Emily fight side by side against the enemies in front of them.

"Dishonored 2" main protagonists Corvo and Emily fight side by side against the enemies in front of them. (Photo : YouTube/Bethesda Softworks)

After the launch of "Dishonored 2," the PC version is now getting several issues, and players are complaining about it. Bethesda released a PC Launch FAQ to answer most questions the players are asking.

According to the official website of Steam, "Dishonored 2" was recently launched on all platforms it was available, which were Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and lastly on PC through Steam. Unfortunately, the current overall user review for the latest video game developed by Arkane Studios is Mixed. The PC version of the game is currently plagued with different issues and bugs.

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Many users are currently reporting that the video game has performance issues like performance dipping and game crashes before they can even play. Some of them complained that the mouse is lagged and stuttered, and that the frame rate speed is all over the place, even if the vsync is off. Some reviewers said that it was poorly optimized for release, but they still praise it as a fantastic game.

Other players try to salvage what is good of the first version of "Dishonored 2," but the bad side still appears after it. One player commented that the video game is sleek, it looked awesome, the gameplay is great, and the story is perfect for its sequel. He also said that he cannot recommend this video game in its current form due to its poor performance.

Writer Kirk Hamilton wrote on Kotaku that he found an Nvidia GPU fix that has helped him a bit. He said that players will need to go to the Nvidia control panel, open the profile for "Dishonored 2", and change the Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames to the value of one.

Hamilton noticed a problem where the dynamic resolution slider is odd and it seems to reset itself to 75 every time he starts the game. He said that even if put it to the value of 100, the video game will still look diffused and blurry. He also noticed the mouse issue where the tracking speed fluctuated when he played it.

Bethesda released a "Dishonored 2" PC Launch FAQ to give recommendations on how to make the gameplay experience better for the players. It gave advice on PC systems, Windows settings, DirectX, Video Card issues, and many more. While it helped, some players demanded that it should be patched right away.

Check out the "Dishonored 2" Official Trailer video below: