• The Beijing police has been utilizing a team of volunteer Internet monitors since 2014 to crack down on cybercrime.

The Beijing police has been utilizing a team of volunteer Internet monitors since 2014 to crack down on cybercrime. (Photo : Reuters)

Citing a statement from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau, the Global Times reported that the bureau has received over 15,000 tips on various cybercrimes including prostitution and gambling from a team composed of more than 3,000 volunteers for the past two years.

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In 2014, the Beijing police kicked off its recruitment of volunteer Internet monitors across China, news outlet The Mirror reported.

The volunteers helped the police in combating a wide-ranging number of crimes such as fraud and drug dealing. The team of Internet monitors also assisted the group in cracking down on the spread of pornography.

According to the police, the volunteers file a report whenever they find malicious computer programs, cybercrime-related content, and other false information over the Internet.

The Mirror also stressed that the Chinese capital's police force made over 1,400 cautionary social media posts, issuing warnings to over 8,400 netizens should they spread false information, phishing messages and pornography.

The report added that the Beijing police was also able to crack around 210 criminal cases.

In another article, news portal people.cn reported that the team of volunteer Internet monitors is composed mainly of people born in the 1980s or 1990s. It also comprises ordinary citizens and Internet security professionals.

The Mirror further cited that the tip-offs from the special team have helped the police force facilitate its efforts in curbing online pornography as well as prostitution.

The team of volunteers is often likened to the "people of Chaoyang district," who helped in public security maintenance. The group also provided pertinent information to the police.

Last year, the so-called "people of Chaoyang district" caught the attention of the online community when it became a hot topic on various Chinese social media platforms. The police lauded the group as a source of information that eventually led to the arrests of a number of celebrities involved in drug-related crimes.

The "people of Chaoyang district" are being tapped by the police since 2014.