• Published and developed by Nintendo, Miitomo is a simulation mobile game designed for Android and iOS devices.

Published and developed by Nintendo, Miitomo is a simulation mobile game designed for Android and iOS devices. (Photo : Facebook/Nintendo Mobile Go)

"Miitomo" is Nintendo's first entry into the mobile gaming portal. A social networking app that will utilize user created Mii characters, the term Tomo refes to friend in the Japanese language.

It was Scott Moffitt, Nintendo USA's Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing, who came up with "Miitomo." According to him, it is a uniquely entertaining mobile game experience that only the company will be able to deliver. Using their Mii characters, fans will be able to interact with other users through reinvented communication in the form of a refreshing gameplay, Nintendo reported.

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"Miitomo" was announced alongside My Nintendo during the company's October 2015 investor's meeting. They have marketed the two as unique and comprehensive services which will reward users for purchasing and interacting with Nintendo products and services.

For players who would like to try "Miitomo," they can pre-register by signing up for a new Nintendo account as early as Feb. 17. The registration process will need an existing email address, social media account or Nintendo Network ID, Apple Insider reported.

Upon registration, gamers will receive bonuses as soon as "Miitomo" is launched. When players sign up for an account in Nintendo, it will automatically grant them a My Nintendo membership, which is the replacement for the Club Nintendo rewards program.

During Nintendo's investor meeting, the company outlined My Nintendo rewards program. According to its point's scheme, players will earn two kinds of points when they choose to use Nintendo products and later on use of redeeming items.

Platinum points can be earned through interacting with any Nintendo product such as playing "Miitomo" or "Mario." These kind of points can be used to redeem digital contents like themes, in-game items, and wallpapers. Gold Points, on the other hand, can be earned by way of buying digital games on Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. Players can use their points as discount coupons when buying games at a lowered price.

"Miitomo" is one of Nintendo's five mobile apps which are slated for release in March 2017. Nintendo has stated that the app will be ideal for players who chose not to reveal details about themselves or talk directly to others.

Watch video for "Miitomo" preview: