• “GTA 6” is Rockstar Games' rumored sequel to GTA 5 that will likely be released for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

“GTA 6” is Rockstar Games' rumored sequel to GTA 5 that will likely be released for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. (Photo : YouTube/Gtchy1230)

Many rumors are circulating online about "GTA 6" to keep fans' level of internet high, but with no official confirmation from Rockstar concerning the development process of the game, things are even more confusing.

Latest rumors indicate that "GTA 6" will arrive in 2018, five years after the release of "GTA 5," which is sufficient time for the developer company to develop the game. According to Neurogadget, it seems like famous actor Ryan Gosling, who featured in "Young Hercules" TV series, "The Notebook," and "The Ides of March," will voice the main character. Gosling's partner in real life, Eva Mendes, is speculated to be the first female protagonist.  

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In an interview with The Guardian, Dan Houser, the co-author of almost all titles in the "Grand Theft Auto" series, said that featuring a female protagonist in "GTA V" did not feel natural. He clarified that the company is not against the idea of introducing a female lead for a new game.

Houser said, "In the future, could we do a game with a lead female character? Of course, we just haven't found the right game for it yet, but it's one of the things we always think about."

Meanwhile, Reddit user VermillionDemonFox said that the map will bring together all previous GTA maps, becoming the biggest map ever. Gamers also made lists of things they would want to see in "GTA 6," and the first thing is that they would like to see an improvement in the story so that it can be more convincing. In the same way Naughty Dog did a great job with its "The Last of Us," Rockstar should put into consideration what fans want.

Players complained that the police appears unrealistic, overpowered, and that it is easy to evade the cops. As a result, it would be important for the developers to up the difficulty level and make missions more challenging. Other gamers feel it would be nice to play as a cop, especially online, so that they can pursue criminals and shoot them.

Another point to note is that there are no many building for players to enter and relax, in addition to the need to purchase properties easily.

Here is footage for more details.