• ‘Dragon Ball Super’ to get a ‘future-related character’, Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro confirm

‘Dragon Ball Super’ to get a ‘future-related character’, Akira Toriyama and Toyotaro confirm (Photo : YouTube/Dragon Ball World Information)

Son Goku is ready and excited to go one-on-one with Botamo on the new episode. Fans can watch "Dragon Ball Super" episode 33 online via live stream, find the link below.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" episodes from the manga. Read only if you wish to know more about the episodes.

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"Dragon Ball Super" episode 33 spoilers roundup

The preview trailer video of episode 33 shows that the next episode will see the fight between Botamo and Son Goku.

In the video, Son Goku explains that his opponent is powerful and he is unable to understand his movements and attacks. Moreover, Goku's attacks on Botamo are proving to be ineffective.

However, interestingly, Goku starts the fight in his normal form but he will turn into his yellow SSJ form. Why is he not going all Super Saiyan Blue against Botamo?

In "Dragon Ball Super" chapter 9 of the manga, Piccolo reveals that Son Goku is not transforming as he is conserving his energy for the upcoming matches.

Goku after launching a series of attacks on Botamo fails to hurt him. Botamo is quite powerful and Goku will have to make a smart move to take down Botamo.

Manga spoilers ahead!

Goku does nothing but topples his opponent and it becomes difficult for Botamo to get up. Goku drags him out of the ring and he wins the match. Indeed, that move is clever.

"The first match of the martial arts tournament is Goku vs. Botamo, from Universe 6. But, immediately after starting the match, Goku can't put his mind to it because he ate too much. He somehow pulled himself together but, no matter what attacks Goku uses, Botamo isn't fazed in the least," the synopsis of "Dragon Ball Super" episode 33 reads.

How and where to watch "Dragon Ball Super" online?

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 33 will be available online, here with English subs.

Stay tuned for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 34 preview trailer and spoilers. Share your views in the section below.

"Dragon Ball Super" episodes air Sundays on Fuji TV.

Credit: YouTube/Dragon Ball World Information