• ‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 34 live stream, where to watch online: Piccolo vs. Frost [SPOILERS]

‘Dragon Ball Super’ episode 34 live stream, where to watch online: Piccolo vs. Frost [SPOILERS] (Photo : YouTube/PIXEL PLANET)

After Goku's mysterious defeat in the previous episode, Piccolo and Frost are set to continue the fight. Fans can watch "Dragon Ball Super" episode 34 online via live stream mode, check out the link below.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for "Dragon Ball Super" episodes. Read only if you wish to know more.

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"Dragon Ball Super" episode 34 - Spoilers roundup

Piccolo will be seen in his multi-form Makankōsappō as he takes on Frost during the inter-universe tournament.

The preview trailer for "Dragon Ball Super" episode 34 Frost attacks Piccolo and Goku is clueless about Piccolo's technique.

The scene cuts and Frost is shooting small beams at Piccolo but he is easily able to dodge them. Goku admits that Piccolo is different when he takes his cloak off.

Towards the end of the preview trailer, we can see multiple forms of Piccolo. Can Frost find a way to defeat him or is he going down?

"Dragon Ball Super" episode 34 is titled "Piccolo vs. Frost - Bet Everything on the Makankōsappō!"

Meanwhile, in other Dragon Ball news, Anime News Network talked to Tadayoshi Yamamuro, who is the director of animation for "Dragon Ball Z" and Norihiro Hayashida, who is a renowned animation producer.

Hayashida was asked about the animation issues with "Dragon Ball Super."

"The criticism we've received has been way too overblown. Someone put a few video sequences that looked bad onto the Internet, and people focused on them when talking about an entire series. You can not criticize an entire product by only looking at a few sequences.

The animators responsible for those scenes are newbies who just started working at this level in the industry, which means their skills are evolving right now. Anyway, they are good animators, and I just do not understand why they get picked on to such a degree," Hayashida said.

Watch "Dragon Ball Super" episode 34 with English subs online through live stream, here.

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Preview trailer - "Dragon Ball Super" episode 34.

Credit: YouTube/PIXEL PLANET