• New set of reports claims that Sony will not release a new PlayStation model.

New set of reports claims that Sony will not release a new PlayStation model. (Photo : YouTube/PS5gamers)

There have been few debates from gaming enthusiasts if PlayStation 5 will really be released or will Sony just unveil an upgraded PlayStation 4 version. Not long after Microsoft's Phil Spencer soared the idea of an upgraded Xbox One, then came new set of reports claiming that Sony will not release a new PlayStation model, instead, an upgraded version of PlayStation 4 will be introduced.

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According to an unnamed developer via Kotaku, the Japanese multinational tech giant Sony will release an in-between version of PlayStation 4 before gearing up to release the fifth version of PlayStation console. The said upgraded PS4 will feature an enhanced graphic power that will support 4K resolution.

With Sony's plan of allowing games to run on 4K resolution to its new PS4 version, gamers will be able to enjoy clearer visuals to the game that they will be playing, as this will introduce four times the pixel size of what PS4 is currently running. However, according to the same publication, no word yet from Sony if current PS4 owners will be able to upgrade to the new PS4 version, or if they would need to purchase an entirely new console.

The newer PS4 version will reportedly improve the quality of content playable on PS VR, N4BB reported.

The new upgraded PS4 console, unofficially called as PS4.5 or PS4K, will also boast new GPU so that developers can work on other graphical enhancements and push more effects to make every game look better. In addition, boasting a higher-end GPU will give gamers an option to rather stick with consoles instead of switching to more expensive HTC Vive or Oculus Rift headsets that requires powerful gaming PCs.

Kotaku reached out Sony regarding on this matter; however, a Sony representative said via email that "We can't comment on rumors or speculation."

The same media outlet divulged that Sony held meetings with the developers during Game Developers Conference held at San Francisco, California. It is said that the meeting agenda included how PS4.5 will work and the features it will boast.

Meanwhile, according to PlayStation Lifestyle, Sony is scheduled to make an announcement later this year to introduce a new gaming console.

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