• Samsung is set to release a foldable smartphone next year.

Samsung is set to release a foldable smartphone next year. (Photo : YouTube/Wicker)

Samsung is set to release a foldable smartphone next year. According to recent rumors, the company started to develop this technology three years ago, and is said to be out in the market by 2017. This may be a move of Samsung to grab the lead in smartphone technology, and hopefully gain an overwhelming profit from it.

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Samsung undoubtedly wants to knock-out Apple in the smartphone industry, as the industry has long been controlled by the latter with its impressive iPhones and iPads. However, this might change if Samsung can be able to pull-off its foldable smartphone tech.

The report of ETNews reveals that the anticipated foldable phone will be both a 5-inch display smartphone and a 7-inch display tablet, a two-in-one concept that was made cooler. If folded, it would be a regular 5-inch capacitive screen smartphone that one can just insert in his pocket, and unfolding it makes it a 7-inch tablet that one can enjoy using, whenever the user wants to watch some videos or play some games.

The report also exposed that Samsung Display and Samsung Electronics collaborated with domestic and foreign businesses in order to develop the said anticipated gadget. It is said that Samsung Electronics was the division responsible for developing the main functions of the 7-inch phablet, but it was Samsung Display who made the whole concept possible through an OLED screen, which is bendable, Hindustan Times reported.

Samsung may have anticipated that the smartphone industry will slow down soon. It may be due to the lack of innovation, or could be because consumers just want a new concept. Perhaps, Samsung's awaited launch of its foldable smartphone might bring back the consumers' excitement for smartphones. The bendable gadget is said to set new standards in the industry, and it might become an iPhone for Samsung.

On one hand, if things did go according to plan during the development, then it has been rumored that the said bendable device will be massively produced later this year, for it to be available in 2017.