• "Narcos" Season 2 is rumored to be aired in August.

"Narcos" Season 2 is rumored to be aired in August. (Photo : YouTube/Netflix US & Canada)

It was September 2015 when Netflix renewed its crime thriller TV series "Narcos" for another season, and was rumored that fans may expect the second installment to be aired this August. Despite of the hype, and as the rumored release date closing-in, the producers of the show Doug Miro and Chris Bernard chose not to confirm anything at all regarding the timeframe of when fans should see Pablo Escobar and the rest of the crew on the small-screen again.

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It is said that waiting for the executive producers to finally break their silence about the release date of "Narcos" Season 2 can be a bit frustrating, especially to the die-hard viewers of the series. To treat this frustration, fans may want to know more about the upcoming season.

According to Slash Film, the show's executive producer Eric Newman exposed Pablo Escobar's (played by Wagner Moura) death in "Narcos" season 2. The EP emphasized that they have tried to stretch things for Escobar, but there is no chance that the character would not face its death this coming season.

He added that "Narcos" season 1 covered 15 years of Escobar's life from his beginnings to his reign as a drug King Pin in Colombia. After Escobar's escape from prison in summer of 1992, he will only have 18 months to live because he will eventually be killed by the Colombian National Police. Newman reiterated that they could not change history, and that they have no choice but to air Escobar's death next season.

Although the lead character will exit the series, the executive producer gave an assurance that the story of the show will still continue because Escobar is only a portion of the whole drug related storylines, News Everyday reported. Newman set "Homeland" as an example, as its lead star also died in the series but the show still managed to find other interesting storylines to continue the show.

Nevertheless, it can be expected that more information related to "Narcos" season 2 will surface in the next few months.

Watch the story behind "Narcos" Pablo Escobar below: