• Naked Chinese Woman in Tibet

Naked Chinese Woman in Tibet (Photo : Weibo)

Foolish Chinese women are guaranteed to make a noise in Weibo by posting silly photos of themselves to prove they have slim bodies. One teen even took a selfie near while on the rail track which cost her life.

The latest Chinese woman to again spark a debate on the social media site is a naked female who showed her backside while by a lakeside in Tibet, reported What’s on Weibo. There were several photos, but the two most photos are one showing her kneeling with her lower body covered by cloth and the other totally naked with her buttocks prominently visible, taken by the Yamdrok Lake and became viral on Weibo on April 11.

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It was first posted by YouchumDolkar, a Weibo user who commented, “Awesome photographer and model, but this shows they haven’t got an ounce of civilization in them, nor morality.” Many Weibo users agreed with YouchumDolkar, saying what she did disrespected Tibetan culture.

Based on YouchumDolkar’s post, the photographer appears to be Yu Feixiong, a Weibo user, although Yu posted the naked woman’s photos on his WeChat account. Yu regularly posts Tibet photos on Weibo.

But the woman also has her defenders. One Weibo user wrote, “Some people look at a woman’s body and immediately think about sex.” Another asked, “Isn’t this perfectly normal in foreign countries?” and added that it is the woman’s critics who are uncivilized.

The South China Morning Post reported that the woman was also photographed wearing a red dress, also taken at Yamdrok Lake, considered a sacred site by locals because it is where a Tibetan monastery stands headed by a female abbott. It is one of three sacred lakes in Tibet, located about 100 kilometers from Lhasa, the capital of Tibet.