• Can Dylan O'Brien juggle starring on "Teen Wolf" Season 6 while shooting for "The Maze Runner" and "American Assassin?"

Can Dylan O'Brien juggle starring on "Teen Wolf" Season 6 while shooting for "The Maze Runner" and "American Assassin?" (Photo : Facebook/Teen Wolf )

While the rest of the cast and crew of “Teen Wolf” has already started filming for Season 6, Dylan O’Brien, who plays Stiles Stilinski, in the hit MTV series, is still in recovery. A new report claimed that while there is supposed to be a major arc for O’Brien’s character, he may actually end up leaving the show altogether.

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According to Enstars, apart from supposedly filming "Teen Wolf" Season 6 and "The Maze Runner: The Death Cure," O'Brien is also in talks to play Mitch Rapp in the movie adaptation of "American Assassin." The publication pointed out that O'Brien may have a hard time juggling all three projects at the same time. It was even speculated that O'Brien may end up being MIA in "Teen Wolf" Season 6.

"Stiles was set for a major season 6 arc, but, considering the cast has already spent a month filming without him, we have to wonder if Scott's BFF will be MIA. Work is piling up, and it remains to be seen which production will take precedence or if O'Brien will somehow managed to honor all his commitments," the author pointed out.

Although Deadline reported that CBS Films and O'Brien is still in negotiations, it was said that the two parties are expected to make a deal shortly. The "Teen Wolf" star is set to star alongside Michael Keaton, who will play Stan Hurley in the film adaptation of the Vince Flynn's best selling novel.

It seems, however, that fans of "American Assassin" were not quite happy with news of O'Brien landing the lead role. Several held that Mitch Rapp was supposed to be a strong, bad ass character. Some thought that the "Teen Wolf" Season 6 star seemed to young, others pointed out that he was just too skinny.

"This is literally one of the worst casting decisions I have ever seen, WTF, CBS? Mitch Rapp is a bad assed killer-Dylan O'Brien looks like someone ready to give up his lunch money on command," a netizen commented.

"Teen Wolf" Season 6 started filming February 22 of this year. Tune in for more spoilers and cast updates.