• Liu Yunshan (right), a senior Chinese Communist party official, poses for the cameras.

Liu Yunshan (right), a senior Chinese Communist party official, poses for the cameras. (Photo : Reuters)

As Chinese President Xi Jinping approaches his two-year anniversary in the top office in Beijing, a weekend conference gathering of the Central Spiritual Civilization Development Steering Commission provided an opportunity for senior government official Liu Yunshan to rally support for the "new normal" economy that the president declared in May of last year.

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In what was a reaffirmation of the government's current educational reform process, Liu called for an upgrade of the nation's promotion of the socialist values that continue to form the basis of President Xi's tenure.

Liu, a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, added the notion of a "Chinese dream" to his speech in support of "socialism with Chinese characteristics."

The Communist Party member's statements appeared to be underpinned by an awareness of the value of popular support. He stressed the importance of activities that instill further confidence among the nation's people in President Xi's vision of a self-reliant and robust "path, theory and system."

Saturday's rally cry occurred on the day after the Wall Street Journal's China-U.S. relations editor questioned the future direction of the Chinese leader. Elizabeth Economy suggested that it is time for President Xi to ask himself whether he needs to reform his own reform process.

Economy commented that, while Xi has observed success in his anti-corruption crackdown and Beijing's intensive ideological campaign, with its online emphasis, the needs of young couples and migrant workers have not been adequately catered for.