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Apple Watch (Photo : Apple)

Apple has a new breakthrough in terms of integrating its devices with life-saving features, its newest offering is a app installed on its Apple Watch that closely monitor the wearers glucose levels which is a big help for people with diabetes.

A recent report from the Food and Drugs Administration confirmed that it will allow health app developers more freedom in creating apps that will help in monitoring its user's health status.

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Recently, medical device maker DexCom is reported to have been working closely on its Apple Watch app that will integrate its diabetes glucose monitor in order to help diabetes patients in keeping their blood-sugar within the normal level, according to a report from The Wall Street Journal.

Analysts are expecting a surge of health-monitoring apps for Apple's iPhone and Watch devices after the FDA decided to loosen some of its restrictions when it comes to creating health related apps. However, medical devices manufacturers still need to seek approval from the agency in order to market their products while health app develops only needs to register to the FDA and not obtain the agency's permission.

The new freedom given to health app developers will definitely take advantage of the Apple Watch's wrist functionality in hopes of giving its users useful health notification. To date, more than half of the top hospitals in the United States are already testing Apple's HealthKit which is a centralized health database for medical devices and health apps to use in order to take advantage of its remote health-monitoring programs, according to Macworld.

Apple has yet to approve any Apple Watch developed apps, however many developers are already tapping the WatchKit guidelines in order to attract users in buying the device. The current trend in terms of health monitoring apps might just be one of the many reasons that could skyrocket the sales of Apple Watch.