• A helicopter flies over the fictional city of "Grand Theft Auto 5" with a beautiful sunset on the distance.

A helicopter flies over the fictional city of "Grand Theft Auto 5" with a beautiful sunset on the distance. (Photo : YouTube/Josh Romito)

"Grand Theft Auto 5" gets a major graphics overhaul with the GTA 5 Redux mod. The new mod also made enhancements to the game to make it more realistic for the players.

Modder Josh Romito created this new mod to improve almost every aspect of the video game's visuals. It improves a lot of details, especially the small ones that the game developers might have ignored like altered blood effects, leaves falling from a tree more consistently, and many more. The mod has also made direct light effects for each and every body of water in the game, which made it more realistic to look at, according to Gamespot.

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The mod did not just improve on the smaller features, but also on the more prominent ones like 4k textures, new weather effects to make it more realistic, and better lighting. The dull billboards that players usually see in the game have real-life company textures now, debris on the ground, and surfaces that are destructible. For the particle count, it has also been upgraded for all relevant effects.

According to the official website of the video game mod, it does not only have cosmetic enhancement, but also game enhancements as well. The police system is much better now since it has been improved like a re-configured wanted system, the unused law enforcement vehicles now added to dispatch, and female police have also been added to catch criminals.

The mod also improved the weapons of the video game to make it more realistic. Some improvements were new weapon recoil, new rate of fire, new reload times, and some cosmetic upgrades like the animation and the proper ammo or clip sizes. Melee fighting has also been improved to allow the AI opponents to counter more, take more damage throw faster punches, and even evade.

The population can now be customized by the players with this new mod. The pedestrian AI has also been improved with a brand new spawning feature, and it also added characters from the story into the natural population. Players will also encounter random events, which can be beneficial or harmful to them.

Vehicles have also been improved like a brand new handling for every single vehicle in the game. The mod also improved the different features of a vehicle to make it as close to the real version like correct suspension, top speed, weight, and many more.

Even the physics feature of the game has been improved to make it realistic. There are also some miscellaneous improvements like an increase to plant density, and replaced the cash with leather wallets.

Check out the mod's gameplay video below: